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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Airwrap Bubble Wrap and related packaging products instead of normal paper or just cardboard boxes?

Our products are able to deliver additional cushioning for those valuable belongings that require more protection than a simple cardboard box would provide.

Is there a minimum quantity that I need to order?

No, there is no minimum amount of Bubble Wrap that you have to order.

Is it possible to deliver all Airwrap products to a specific address?

Yes, we pride ourselves on efficient service delivery in and around the Western Cape.

What are the different sizes of the Bubble Wrap Rolls?

Our standard sizes are 1250mm x 100m, 625mm x 100m or 1250mm x 50m. However, we are able to manufacture different sizes according to your specifications.
Please refer to our products page for more detail.

Is it suitable to wrap sensitive electronic items with Airwrap Bubble Wrap?

Yes, we manufacture an Anti-Static Bubble Wrap, specifically created to protect sensitive electronic components.
Please refer to our Specialized products page for more detail.

Is it suitable to wrap polished furniture with Airwrap Bubble Wrap?

Yes, our Airwrap kraft product range is produced by laminating standard econo bubble wrap with a tough kraft paper backing. These products are designed to protects furniture and other fragile house hold items from the rigours associated with shipping and handling of polished furniture.
Please refer to our Specialized products page for more detail.

Within which industry is Airwrap Bubble Wrap most commonly used?

Our bubble wrap products can most often be found in the furniture, packaging, removals and agriculture industries.

Can Airwrap design specific Bubble Wrap to my needs?

Yes, our products are able to be tailored to your specific size, colour and printing requirements.

Are Airwrap Bubble Wrap products recyclable?

Yes, all our bubble wrap products are 100% recyclable.

Can Airwrap Bubble Wrap be custom printed with my logo?

Yes, with our in-house printing facility we are able to offer medium to high volumes of air bubble cushioned materials with the additional option of customised printing.